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Daniel Nash would travel ahead of Charles Finney and pray some times for weeks with strong cryings and agonizing groanings in prayer for God’s outpouring when Finney arrived.  Often, by the time Finney arrived, revival had already broken out.  Three months after Nash died Finney left the itinerant trail.  Amazing!

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    What is the secret to ministry?  Prayer!  Prayer!  Prayer!  In everything, by prayer!  That is why we have started what I am calling an "Orchestra of Prayer." The "Orchestra of Prayer" is a coalition of pray-ers from all across the world who will join in the unity, harmony, melody and intensity of prayer just as in an orchestra.  The entire orchestra is tuned by the first violin.  May we be in tune with the Spirit of God and the Word of God as our hearts join together in prayer (see Acts 12).  The Lord has burdened my heart to ask Him to raise up 1,000 people who will commit to praying for me at least once a day.  It may be a short mention in prayer.  It may be that God gives you the Spirit of travail in prayer.  Let us trust the Lord to draw out those whom He has called out for this task and treasure of prayer.  Is God speaking to you?  Will you join with me in the Orchestra of Prayer?  Should the Lord touch your heart, please click on the blue line and let me know you are partnering with us in this great work of the Lord.  Your name will be added to the list of other like-minded prayer warriors and I will notify you of special prayer requests as well as God's gracious answers.  As well, it would be my honor to lift you up before the Lord in prayer.

    From the depths of my heart I thank you.  A friend once told me that every time she saw a "Ford" vehicle she would pray for me.  Amazing!  That is real undergirding in prayer.  God bless!




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