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"It has been my distinct privilege to know David Ford for approximately 20 years and to follow his highly effective and fruitful ministry as he has travelled around the world preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Without hesitation, I enthusiastically and gladly commend both his ministry and his series of "Praying the Scriptures" to leaders and believers in every quarter of the globe. You will clearly sense the hand of God upon this man's life. Believe me when I say, I'm happy to endorse this! It's great!"

  • Tommy Barnett
    Co-Pastor of Phoenix First Assembly
    Founder, LA & Phoenix Dream Centers

“During my sixty years in ministry I have had the pleasure of meeting and recommending many great men of God in revival ministry.  Now I want to include my friend David Ford whom I have had the privilege of spending time with him in meetings.  His love for the Lord Jesus, plus a heart-hunger for revival makes him a preacher that every church needs who has a passion for a moving of God in this generation.  For this reason, I whole-heartedly recommend my brother in ministry, David Ford, to all of my friends who desire to be a part of genuine revival.  In fact, if I were a pastor, I would have this brother every year. Contact him now.  I love you in Jesus.”

  • Bill Stafford

“God is with me wherever I go.”  ---George Whitefield, 1739.
“The same can be said of Rev. David Ford--for wherever he preaches, God attends and manifests His glory.  I heartily commend his ministry of revival and evangelism!”

  • Dr. E. A. Johnston,
    Fellow of the Stephen Olford Institute and
    Author of “A Heart Awake, The Authorized Biography of J. Sidlow Baxter,” and “George Whitefield: The Definitive Biography.”

Dear Fellow Pastors,

It is with great joy for me to have the opportunity to recommend David Ford to you.  I have known David now for almost ten years and in that time I have seen nothing but excellence, commitment, humility, and an undying desire for revival in his personal life, the pastor’s life, and the life of the local church.

If you are looking for a man that can lead you and your church in true revival David Ford is the man to use.  God has so wonderfully blessed him with His power and presence in a way that is not often seen.  I’ve used him often and plan to use him again.  Time and again I have seen the altars filled with men and women crying out to God in repentance, experiencing forgiveness, and then seeing winds of revival blow through the church. 

David is a man of great humility who truly understands the pastor’s heart for his church and the pastor’s concern for bringing in an evangelist/revivalist that the pastor does not know.  You can rest easy in knowing that he will never abuse or take advantage of his position.  David Ford is a pastor’s best friend. Without hesitation I would highly recommend him to any pastor and/or church who is seeking to go deeper and further than they ever have with the Lord.

  • Dr. Ralph W. Jenkins
    Eastanallee BC
    Riceville, TN

I would greatly recommend David Ford for your next revival.
We had David in revival Oct.10-21, 2010 and God moved with tremendous power. We extended the meetings and watched as God sat down in our midst night after night. We saw many people saved and many Christians break free from bondages that hindered them for years. David's tremendous ability with music and the Word of God  makes for a strong combination of presenting Truth.

  • Dr. Mark D. Partin
    Indiana Avenue Baptist Church
    LaFollette, Tn.

"It is a privilege to know David Ford.  David is a gifted evangelist and an effective communicator.  His heart burns not only with the glow of a revival ministry but also the work of an evangelist. I warmly commend David Ford to pastors and Christian leaders across our land"

  • Dr. Stephen F. Olford
    (Dr. Olford served on David’s Advisory Board until his Homegoing in August, 2004.)

“The man, David Ford, is a man of integrity, honesty, impeccable character and without hypocrisy.  I know of no young man in my 60 years of ministry upon whom the Holy Spirit rests so powerfully and so effectively.  The message:  He sits at the piano and plays and sings many of the old songs that we have known and loved so long.  After about 10 minutes the Holy Spirit descends upon the audience and canopies the service in such a manner that every person becomes keenly aware of the Presence of Almighty God.  This lasts for about 30 minutes and people are changed.  David then speaks profound statements from the Word and gives an invitation.  People come forward and lives are forever changed.  There’s no emotionalism and pressure whatever.

When David is conducting a service within driving distance, I often tell my wife, ‘Let’s go and sit in the Presence of God and be changed.’”

  • Dr. Tommy Hight
    Retired Professor,
    Mid-America Baptist Theol. Seminary

"David is an unusually passionate young man with a tremendous heart for God and yearning to reach the lost for Christ.  His gifts as a preacher and evangelist are indeed very considerable.  Without hesitation I commend him to churches and ministries.  I believe you will find him gracious in manner, fervent in Spirit, prayerful in attitude and holy at heart."

  • Richard Owen Roberts, Wheaton, IL - Author, Conference Speaker

“When David came to our church we were scheduled for 4 days…it lasted a glorious 4+ months.  God came in revival and it was the greatest move of God we have ever seen.  In fact, we are still in the overflow of that move of God.  David is a man of integrity and has a deep love for God and His Word.  Our experience is that he never takes away and always adds to our lives and the life of the local church.  We’ve had David with us many times and, without hesitation, we’ll have him again.”

  • Pastor Tony & Juanita Blevins, Arizona

"I've prayed for 30 years to see something like this"

  • Hugh Rogers, Sr. Pastor - Grants, NM

"David is a gifted evangelist for the Lord Jesus Christ.  He has a heart for the lost, and that concern shows in his messages.  David is a student of the Word.  I have never heard an evangelist or pastor who has committed to memory so much of the Word of God.  When David is speaking it is evident that the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding his message.”

  • Tony Pierce, SBC Pastor

"This revival is the highlight of my entire ministry"

  • Dr. Finis Beauchamp, Pastor, AL

This was my first time ever to meet David Ford. It will be an unforgettable experience for certain. I cannot describe the manifest power and presence of God that is upon this man’s life. Every church in America needs to hear the message of this choice servant. He is one of the most powerful men of prayer that I have ever met. I assure you my friends that you will not regret extending an invitation to David Ford. Drop him a line today at or call him at 623.879.5189. Invite this brother to come to church. You and your people will experience God in a fresh new way! 

  • Jamey Ragle, Evangelist

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